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Blog Writing

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December 01, 2017

Fusion of Gentle Flow and Restorative Yoga with mini Heal Your Life® Workshop

Alison Kate will begin with leading an hour of gentle yoga movement to drop out of our thinking mind and into our physical body. After participants are grounded, relaxed, and feeling peaceful in their body, Priscilla Caiza, licensed Heal Your Life® workshop leader, will guide participants to explore and discover mental hidden beliefs which are blocking progress.

Yoga Hour:
The intention of the yoga practice is to connect to and integrate body and mind through movement and breath to have a deeper embodied experience. Participants will Rest, Relax, and Find Inner Calm through nurturing movements and feel good postures!

Through restorative yoga postures, gentle stretching, and supportive relaxation, you will give your body a much needed rest. You renew and refresh tired and worn muscles, soften and release tension, and allow your mind to quiet to a mellow whisper. The movement practice will reduce...

So, why Private Yoga?

When I work one-on-one with clients, I am continuously humbled, touched, and incredibly pleased by the results, quick progress, and connection that are gained even within the first few sessions.  The key is the customization that private yoga allows for.  As I sense someone’s energy, see their body moving, and incorporate their reason for coming to yoga, a unique expression unfolds.  The personalized practice is healing and brings clients’ back to a state of balance and harmony.

I’ve compiled a list of what students tell me are the best parts of individual yoga sessions. 

As you read, what aspects jump out at you?  What parts sounds like they would just be heavenly? 

Things that resonate with us are a call from the inside – from the body, mind, and soul.  What can we pay attention to today that allows us to take better care, to realign, to come back to vibrant wellness and energized happiness?


The Customization:

  • ...

Yoga is the perfect place and opportunity to explore who you are, what you're capable of, and what's important and true to you.
When I am on my mat, I feel deeply into the sensations in my body, I witness and observe my mind and thoughts more objectively, and I am present, grateful, and calm. AND when I continuously have those experiences on the mat, it becomes more natural to feel that same way in my everyday life, in how I move through the world, and in how I treat myself and have relationships with others. It slows down my reactivity, it makes me more accepting, I act with more kindness and love, and it helps me see the magic and divine energy in all of us and all around us. ✨
Yoga teaches me so much – so much wisdom, so much connection, and so much gratitude and grace. 
AND I am very fortunate to be able to facilitate and share these experiences with others as a yoga teacher. 🙏🏻🕉💜

I've been feeling in flux a lot lately...lots of ups and downs. The feeling of opposites or opposing forces - paradoxes of the same person, same life, and same reality with variations on perspective, attitude, and emotional charge. A high of a sweet moment and the low of a disappointment. The close and intimate connections I have in some ways while the longing for undiscovered soulmates swirls in my soul. The feelings of certain things going so smoothly and beautifully in flow while other situations have bumps or crater pot holes. The desire to work and stay persistent in growing my new business while an inner voice says I need to play and relax more.

Ultimately this all comes back to balance and to knowing that human emotions and beliefs are tricky and can be intense, but that in every NOW moment, I am truly fine. 
And actually much more than fine...I am supported, held, encouraged, loved, happy, blessed and grateful for the life I am living. 

Everyday my yoga practice reminds me of thi...

About 5 years ago my yoga teacher wrote a piece called Making Dots.  It was about making connections with people in different places such that if you marked them as dots on a map, you would see lit-up connections dots all over.

When I read her post, I remember thinking 3 things - 1) what a cool concept, 2) how wonderful and lucky she is to have many connections in many places (she is a beautiful, kind, and loving person and she deserves it), and 3) feeling envious and sad because I didn’t have that kind of connection and deeply desired it.  My heart craved more friendships, more loving connections, more meaningful relationships, but I was shy, anxious, and introverted.  Fear of being judged and misunderstood, taking risks, and exploring the unknown kept my world very small.

Now - 5 years later - when I reflect on my own dots, my heart bursts with love and gratitude because I have made so many amazing connections.  Through life-changing personal growth work that I have been passionat...

Yoga is my longest long-term relationship. We have been going strong for about 10 years now. ;)

 Yoga is my rock, my sanctuary, my peace, clarity, and freedom, my self-connection, my workout, my healer, my love.

When I first came to yoga about 10 years ago, I was living with a ton of anxiety and fear. Fear dictated most of my decisions, which most of the time meant a lack of action and shying away from things I only dreamed of doing.

Then I found yoga and the practice healed me - body, mind, and soul. It was a gradual shift over many years, but it works magic. The asana, the philosophy, the community, the meditation, and the self-connection brought me back to my authentic genuine self.

As a teacher, one of my greatest passions is sharing yoga with others. I love seeing miraculous transformation in others through yoga, just as I experienced.

The anticipation of and the decision to make the leap is always scarier than the actual jump.  ;)

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.  Without them humanity cannot survive. ~ Dalai Lama

Open and share your heart; kindness has a ripple effect.

Today I commit to seeing you, loving you, hearing you, doing my best to understand you, and honoring you for your uniqueness and the gifts you bring to this world.

Last fall I felt driven to move to NYC, but the reasons I thought I came for turned out very differently than what I expected. Now I see that I came to NYC to pursue my dreams, my passions, what makes my heart beat. That seems to be part of the magic of this city.
Right now I have an ache, an intense longing inside to make big shifts to make my life more of what I want - AND - I am immensely grateful for where I am today and how far I have come in the last year. Thank you to the universe and to everyone around me who gives me amazing opportunities, makes me smile, supports me, and allows me to manifest my deepest desires. <3
Happy New Year!!! :)

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