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Blog Writing

So much magic lies beyond our fears and outside of our comfort zone.

Release fear, explore the unknown, take risks

Let love guide you...always.

And let the magic unfold. 


Today is my one-year anniversary of moving to NYC. Its been a crazy year of intense transitions, the ups and downs of starting over in a new place, some sad darker moments, and periods of pure beauty, magic,
self-knowing, openness, blossoming, and trusting in myself and the universe on a new level. In reflection of celebrating one year in Manhattan, I am grateful for:

- Courage to take a leap of faith, quit my job in MA, leave a full life there, and move from a town to one of the biggest, most exciting cities
- A beautiful perfect home where I have the best roommate I could have imagined, lots of freedom and space, a place where my kitty can live with me, and a safe and cozy situation
- Having made awesome new friends in NYC, and as I make new connections regularly here, knowing that many more beautiful people will come into my life
- Spending quality time with heart-centered, spiritual, open-minded people that I feel connected to in ways I haven't experienced often before
- New levels...

Tonight I was walking home and a fight started right in front of me on a busy street in mid-town. Three guys beat up one guy until he was laying on the ground not moving. I have not witnessed violence like that in a long time and it was intense; it sent a jolt through my body and made me cry.

I literally cannot understand how people can beat on other people. I have been extremely fortunate to not be exposed to much violence in my life and I know that sadly that is more uncommon than it is common. But, I have always been especially sensitive to seeing and hearing about violence of any kind. I can't even imagine what is feels like to physically hurt another person with my strength or cause intentional pain. It shocks and horrifies me to see people make that choice, especially when people who act out or provoke others are just poorly expressing their own pain, whether its conscious or unconscious. Accidents happen and there is enough unavoidable suffering in this world without people activ...

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