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Blog Writing

RECIPE: Delicious autumn inspired stir fry-like dish.  Including spaghetti squash, eggplant, tofu, zucchini squash, butternut squash, broccoli
With Spices - turmeric, black pepper, coriander, cumin, and paprika
Its the perfect blend of multi-colored veggies, healthy complex carbs, protein, sweet, and spicy.
I simply put all these ingredients in a pan, saute in water, and add spices to taste, but you can also stir fry in coconut oil or add tomato sauce.
Enjoy! 🍽️🍂⠀⠀
#naturescandy 🍭 #noaddedsugar #dinner #organic⠀⠀

December into the New Year brings a range of emotions for most people.  Excitement, celebration, connection, gratitude, and generosity may fill our head-space.  People also experience sadness, loneliness, stress, guilt, and anxiety.  And most of us feel some combination of these depending on the day, the people we spend time with, and the current year-end circumstances.

It is also a time of busyness, and this busyness is the opposite of what nature calls for at this time of year.  During these darkest and coldest days of the year (for most in the US anyway), earthly rhythms ask us to slow down, nurture our bodies, calm our minds, and just be.  But our society pulls us in another direction.  

So in order to find balance and stay grounded, healthy, and happy through this holiday season and into the new year, here are some helpful tips.

1.  Sleep

Even when we find ourselves busier, socializing more, or out later, it is important to get long deep restful sleep.  Lack o...


Sleep more.  As the days get shorter this autumn, have your life reflect the natural rhythms of the sun and go to bed earlier so you can sleep more as well as get up earlier and enjoy maximum day light during the shortest months of the year.  Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is needed for the body and mind to do all the necessary flushing, detox, repair and restore.  Getting even more sleep can be helpful during the fall and winter months to boost your immune system, reduce your risk of chronic disease, and improve your mental well-being.
Try it for a week and document the differences you notice.  Once the evidence speaks for itself, the choice is up to you.
When you make sleep a priority, your body and mind will thank you and function more optimally so you can do all the things you love during waking hours. ✨😴🌛

HEALTH TIP: Do you eat your veggies? And, I mean ALL the colors of the rainbow? 🌈

Here we have three, and that's a good start and is a deliciously filling snack. Also adding to my food today will be green, blue/purple, white, and so many other variations! Each vegetable and color has different nutrient, benefits, textures, tastes, and loads of natural goodness.

Below are some veggies in each color category. Take a look and choose one from each category to cook with or snack on today.

Red Vegetables:


Red Peppers



Red Onions

Red Potatoes

Rhubarb Tomatoes

Yellow and Orange Vegetables:

Yellow Beets

Butternut Squash


Yellow Peppers

Yellow Potatoes



Yellow Summer Squash

Sweet Corn

Sweet Potatoes

Yellow Tomatoes

Yellow Winter Squash

White and Tan Vegetable:




Jerusalem Artichokes






Potatoes (White Fleshed)



White Corn

Green Vegetables:






Broccoli Rabe

Brussels S...

Looking for a new delicious fall snack? Who knew apples and celery are the perfect combo?! Its easy and makes hearty snacks for the entire week.

Bring a few inches of water and apple slices to a boil.

After apples cook down a bit, add chopped celery and reduce to simmer.

Cook for another 20 - 45 minutes depending on how cooked you like your celery.

Spoon into bowls and enjoy! 🍎 🍂

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